The Operational Programme Environment (OPE) is the basic subsidy programme in the field of environmental protection. In its 3rd programming period, 2021-2027, it will provide the Czech Republic with approximately 61 billion CZK from EU funds (the European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund).

The programme focuses on the following areas of support in the form of six specific objectives.

When and how applications are submitted

Applications may be submitted only in the framework of open tenders announced for the corresponding specific objective according to the nature of the project. Individual tenders for funding applications are announced by the Ministry of the Environment (through the State Environmental Fund of the CR and its special website). The submission of applications takes place via an Internet portal called the Information System of Final Beneficiaries (IS KP21+) on the website

Extent of funding

Funding can cover up to 95% of the total eligible costs of the project (exceptionally also 100% for selected measures under Specific Objective 1.6). Co-financing using the beneficiary’s resources is a prerequisite for all projects. Funding is provided to beneficiaries in CZK by bank transfer. Applicants do not have a legal claim to funding.

Eligible applicants

The programme is open to municipalities, organizations, state and local governments, research and scientific institutes, educational establishments, legal and physical entities and non-profit organisations. A full list for eligible applicants concerning individual types of supported projects and activities, the conditions for funding applications and more detailed information is provided in the OP Environment 2021-2027 Programming Document.

Programme management

The Managing Authority is the Ministry of Environment, the intermediary body is the State Environmental Fund of the CR.

Supervision of the programme is performed by the Monitoring Committee, which continuously monitors the programme with the aim of assessing its implementation and progress towards achieving the programme objectives, taking into account financial data, common indicators and indicators specific to the 2021-2027 OPE. The Monitoring Committee consists of representatives of the Managing Authority, intermediary bodies, and representatives of the partners (ministries, regions, municipalities, NGOs, professional organisations, etc.).

The Selection Committee recommends which projects to select and which events to promote. This committee consists of at least three representatives from among the intermediary body and the Managing Authority.